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Terms and Conditions

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For further information or to make a booking please call 01565 722355

Terms and Conditions

A booking constitutes a legal contract.

All arrivals and visitors must stop at the entrance and check in at reception.

Arrival not earlier than 12.30pm and departure not later than 3.00pm

When specific pitches or special requests are asked for, we will do our utmost to site you as requested. However, specific pitches cannot be guaranteed, and we reserve the right to allocate a pitch at our discretion.



Your pitch has adequate space for your unit:


Awning, to be pitched on gravel

One car parked on grass adjacent to awning (Strictly one car per pitch)

We will not accept liability in respect of any person or property. The Park and all its facilities

are used entirely at guests’ own risk. This includes the laundry. Guests must ensure that their

vehicle and personal insurance covers for third party liability whilst on the Park. 

Caravans and motorhomes being moved

or stored by us are at the owner’s risk. Additional cars must be parked in the visitors’ car park

located at the main entrance.

Royal Vale Caravan Park is exclusively for Adults (18+ age group).

The price is based on two persons with one car using the pitch at any one time.  This includes

water, electricity, Wi-Fi, full use of the Park services, showers and washing facilities.

Electricity is supplied at 16 amps, 240V which is suitable for low wattage appliances only, not domestic appliances. Use of heaters in awnings is prohibited. Guests are responsible for ensuring all electrical, water and gas installations comply with the Institute of Electrical Engineers and/or other appropriate bodies.  We reserve the right to disconnect the supply at any time as required. 

Amenity Block/Laundry/Dishwashing

Please avoid wearing muddy boots in the communal toilets and showers.  Any personal

toiletries, etc. should be removed after the use of the facilities.  Within the Amenity Block

there is a Laundry Room equipped with a washing machine, tumble drier and a sink for

handwashing.  We do not accept any liability in respect of laundry.  Under no

circumstances are the washing machine or the tumble drier to be used for pet blankets,

etc.  Sinks with hot water are provided for dishwashing in the Amenity Block.  Please only

wash dishes in the sinks provided for this use.  Our water is metered; please avoid waste,

thank you.


Drinking Water Taps

These are located at each pitch.  They are for DRINKING WATER ONLY and we ask you

to use them hygienically and economically.

Wastewater/Chemical Disposal

All wastewater and the contents of chemical toilets must be disposed of in the emptying point provided.

 Wastewater containers and chemical toilet cassettes must only be washed out at the

emptying point.  Please use environmentally friendly products only (green not blue) so

that no damage will be caused to our reed bed system. We sell the appropriate products

at reception.

Fires and Barbecues

To meet our strict Health and Safety Policy, open fires of any description are not allowed. Disposable type and portable barbecues are not permitted.


Please respect other guests and keep noise to a minimum.  There should be no noise at

all between the hours of 23.00 and 08.00.  Vehicles should not be driven around the Park

during quiet hours.

Cars, Vehicles and Visitors

Only one car per pitch is permitted.  Additional cars must be parked in the visitors’ car

park located at the main entrance.  All non-resident visitors are guests’ responsibility and

must check in at reception on arrival and must vacate the Park by 19.00.  We reserve the

right to remove from the Park any persons behaving in a manner likely to cause

disturbance or damage to property. Commercial vehicles are not permitted on the Park. 

Cars must be driven with care whilst on the Park roads and must not exceed 5 m.p.h.

  Cars must not be washed or maintained on the Park.  Please note that the Road Traffic

Act applies to all vehicles on the Park roads.


Bins are provided in the Bin Area for the disposal of rubbish.  Domestic rubbish must

never be disposed of in the bins provided in the Amenity Block. Littering of the Park and

surroundings will not be tolerated.  Large items of rubbish must be disposed of off-site.

  All waste is sent on to a recycling plant.


Dogs are allowed and must be kept on a lead at all times.  They must be exercised off the

Park and fouling on or off the Park must be cleared up by the person/s responsible for

the dog.  Dogs must not be left unattended.


Royal Vale has established an excellent reputation within the caravan community, and we pride ourselves on our excellent facilities. We ask for your support and cooperation in helping us to ensure that Royal Vale Caravan Park continues to be presented as the premier caravan Park in Cheshire.

We wish you an enjoyable stay!

 Thank you.


Awards and Accreditation

We are very proud of the awards our parks achieve year on year. These are testaments of our commitment to maintaining a first class standard of service, quality accommodation and a wide range of facilities.

Burnside Leisure Awards

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